Villa Faros is situated in a quiet, unspoiled and picturesque area in Sigri, Lesvos.

This scenic fishermen’s’ village lies at a distance of 92 km from Mytilene, the island’s capital. Its name derives from the Greek word for security, based on the fact that it has a safe harbor.  Sigri has a Turkish castle, built in 1746 during the Ottoman occupation. The port of Sigri is able to accommodate large vessels, even cruise ship-size ferry boats coming from the mainline.

The villa is built on a private property of 150 acres and its exact position is on the foreland “faros” (lighthouse). This is where the boundless deep blue surrounds your existence. Private beaches within 30m, 100m and 200m distance from the villa. Biological grapes, figs, melons, watermelons, tomatoes, aubergines, pomegranates, lettuces and seasonal vegetables are available during the year. The guests are able to farm their own harvest.

On the western coast of Lesvos island, where the volcanic rocks meet the azure blue of the Aegean sea, the passage of time and the lapping of the sea’s waves have slowly revealed the petrified remains of plant life of the distant past. No description can value the brilliance, the beauty and the vivacity of the colors, the real glory of the standing fossilized trunks, or the wild beauty of the volcanic landscape. The most noteworthy concentrations of petrified trunks which make up the renowned “petrified forest” are located in the regions of Sigri.

The Petrified Forest of Lesvos is one of the most fascinating and rare monuments of geological heritage and in recognition of the geological and paleontological value of the site, the Greece has declared the Petrified Forest to be preserved as a Natural Monument.

The aim of designating the Petrified Forest as such is the more effective protection and rational management of the area. In 1994, the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest was founded aiming at the study, research, appointment, preservation and protection of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos.


Lesvos is a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It has an area of 1,630 km² with 320 klm (almost 200 miles) of coastline, making it the third largest Greek island and the largest of the numerous Greek islands scattered in the Aegean. It is considered as the sunniest island in the Aegean!

Mytilene, the capital, is built in amphitheatre shape round a small hill crowned by remains of an ancient fortress. The remaining population is distributed in small towns and villages. The largest are Kalloni, the Gera Village, Plomari, Agiassos, Eressos and Molyvos (the ancient Mythymna).

The unique unspoiled beauty of Lesvos is an astonishing contrast to lush splendor of the rest of the cosmopolitan islands with its mysterious forests, dramatic coastline, tranquil sunsets and rugged mountains.

Lesvos inhabitants are self sufficient in products from their fertile land and rich sea, willing to exalt their way of life to art, created unique gastronomic combinations. Sophisticated recipes with pure traditional ingredients offer special tastes of exceptional flavor. Earthy tastes with locally produced meat and vegetables. Herb or cheese pies, festive kiskek (boiled sheep meat with wheat), beef with quince, roast octopus, scallops with pilaf or spinach, stuffed squids, salted and roast sardines and so many other dishes, cooked with pure olive oil accompanied with scented ouzo or wine. Furthermore, delicious preserves, baklavas, pancakes, marzipans, quince pastes, complement and enrich your table.

The island is big enough to satisfy every visitor’s needs, from exciting and lively nightlife and crowded beaches to calm vacations and sightseeing excursions:  bird watching, thermal sources, trekking routes among olive trees, awarded beaches, famous churches and monasteries and the preserved petrified forest are some of the attractions.

Its history goes back for 3000 years. It has been the birthplace of prominent figures of the Greek intelligentsia such as the poets Alcaeos and Sappho from Eressos, the guitarist and poet Arion from Mythimna, the great musician and creator of the choral poetry Terpandros born in Antissa, Pittacus one of the seven wise men of ancient Greece as well as the poet Odysseus Elytis and the popular painter Theofilos.

The innumerable historic monuments along with the priceless archaeological finds witness the prominence and significance of the island throughout the centuries. Lesvos is still an outstanding natural paradise endowed with endless beaches, crystal clear water, secluded bays, unique fauna and flora, vivid colors and romantic shades, a delectable cuisine, a long tradition in architecture, an irresistible charm and hospitality, captivating splendors and last but not least numerous quaint villages.


Direct flights from the whole Europe (over 25 flights) are available to Mytilene airport followed by a 1 hour 30 minute – 2 hour drive to Villa Sigri. Alternatively, flights can be taken to Athens where there are connecting flights 8 times per day to Mytilene, or an helicopter can be organized to fly clients directly to the villa. Private boats from Lavrio can be arranged for those who wish to travel by boat to Sigri.